Back To The Future

Become an inventor for the day just like the character Dr. Emmett Brown from the 2022 Olivier award-winning musical, Back to the Future. With numerous hands-on experiments to try throughout the day, this workshop is sure to be a big hit with your budding scientist.
  • 12th August 2022.
  • £30 full-day (09:00-16:00) for ages 6+ years.
  • £15 half-day (09:00-12:00) for ages 3-5 years.
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World Dance

Aspiring dancers and performers dream of travelling the world, either within cabaret shows on cruise ships or at holiday resorts. This workshop is perfect for dancers who wish to gain experience in world styles, creating a versatile and flexible performer. Some of the styles covered within the day will include Flamenco, Irish, Tarantella, and the Can-Can.