Treasure Trails Days Out

Embark on an exciting adventure with our Treasure Trail Workshop! Perfect for young explorers and curious minds, this workshop combines the thrill of a treasure hunt with engaging educational activities. Get ready to solve puzzles, follow clues, and discover hidden treasures!


🗺️Clue Solving: Sharpen your detective skills as you decipher cryptic clues and riddles. Work in teams to unravel mysteries and find the path to the treasure.

🧩Puzzle Challenges: Test your problem-solving abilities with a series of fun and challenging puzzles. Each puzzle brings you one step closer to the ultimate treasure.

🧭Map Reading: Learn the art of map reading and navigation. Use your newfound skills to navigate through the trail and uncover secret locations.

🏆Treasure Hunt: Experience the excitement of a real-life treasure hunt! Follow the trail, collect clues, and uncover the hidden treasure waiting at the end of the journey.

🌳Outdoor drama: Using the theme of the treasure trail, outdoor drama activities will be delivered to enhance the overall experience.


👧👦Ages 7+only 🕒09:00 - 16:00

📅26th July🧭 Market Weighton🗺️Chicken Farmer Henry Peckitt has fed his last chick.💸£33.00 - Please bring your own packed lunch

📅2nd August🧭 Pocklington🗺️Hunt down the lost loot of the Pocklington Pirates.💸£35.00 (includes bus fare) - Please bring your own packed lunch

📅9th August🧭 York🗺️The curious quest for the lost Roman hoard.💸£35.00 (includes bus fare) - Please bring your own packed lunch

For each workshop please bring:

  • Packed lunch
  • Rain coat
  • Sun cream
  • Sun hat
  • Sensible walking shoes
  • Rucksack

Meet at Starbrite Studios for registration before heading off on the adventure.

Join us for a day of adventure, learning, and fun. The Treasure Trail Workshop is perfect for young adventurers looking to explore, solve, and discover. Gather your friends and get ready for a memorable journey! Sign up today and start your treasure hunt!

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